This paper uses a language that can prove very strong for those people not accustomed to the way they are conducted proceedings in a court. However, from the legal point of view, this language is necessary. We caution the reader not familiar with legal issues that do not get shocked.


There are three courses of action to be followed by citizens opposed to the transition from the American Society of a heterosexual society to a homosexual. The first course of action to be followed is the politician the second is the he educational and the third is judiciary.



The Political Campaing


We urge U.S. citizens who want to fight to prevent the advancement of their society towards homosexuality to take those measures which will lead to achieving this goal.


The first course of action that can take the groups who oppose the homosexual advance is the formation of a political party that has as a main point of his political platform the restoration of the anti homosexual values. This party should be committed to the creation of the necessary legislation for the purposes of returning to the United States the belief in heterosexual moral values that have been lost from the advance of the homosexual revolution.


At this time the Republican Party of the United States, although it does not have a firm position on this aspect, maintains a closest posture with the citizens who oppose gay marriage than the Democratic Party which is firmly committed to the contrary position.


We believe, therefore, that vote for the Republican Party is a way to advance the fight against the homosexual advance in the United States. Therefore, we must support vote to the Republican Party.



The last Bastion of the Fight Against the Advance of Homosexuality: The Religious Organizations


For groups who oppose the advance of homosexuality in the United States and the countries of the world, the scenario cannot be more devastating. Groups that advocate for the advancement of homosexuality have won almost all the battles that are needed to start the transition from a heterosexual society to a homosexual society in the United States and in other countries around the world. They just need waiting the time necessary to win the war. The time required to complete the transition from heterosexual society to an homosexual society, is 4 to 5 generations.


The battles that have won the groups that support the advance of homosexuality are as follows: they have won the support of the Presidency of the United States with presidential decrees in his favor, they have won the support of the United States Supreme Court jurisprudence in their favor, they have won the support of legislatures in the United States with laws that legalize same-sex marriage in multiple States, they have won the support of the mass media (television, radio and written press) with messages, programs of comedy, characters in the novel, children's programs, etc. where homosexuality is presented, is accepted and is defended as correct behavior, have won the support of University communities and intellectuals who defend the advancement of homosexuality in his writings, lectures and conferences, they have won the support of many heads of Government and civil institutions, not only with public expressions but also with regulations prohibiting the rejection of such conduct in government offices, army, Navy, air force and police, etc., and have finally gained the support and sympathy of a large part of the population in general.


Having won the support of key institutions in the Government and a large part of the population of the United States, you could say that groups that support the homosexual advance in the United States have the war virtually won. It is only a matter of waiting 5 to 10 years more so that all the States of the American union have laws approving gay marriage. When this has happened, they will have achieved everything that is required for the transition of a heterosexual society to a homosexual society occurs. After that it would be matter of waiting the time needed to make the conversion of North American population from a heterosexual society to a homosexual society, with more than 30% of its population practicing homosexuality. We believe that the time is 4 to 5 generations.


For groups who oppose the advance of homosexuality in society, the panorama of the fight cannot be more discouraging. They have been virtually alone in their struggle, because the groups in favor of homosexuality have managed to successfully promote their ideology in the American population, teaching them to look with disdain at those who preach the importance of moral values. The only stronghold remaining to these groups lies in religious organizations. It is difficult for people that are not religious and that contemplate the advance of homosexuality from an objective, scientific and sociological perspective, having to accept that the only trump card they have to stop this advance of homosexuality lies in religious organizations.


In other words, given the victory achieved by the groups in favor of the homosexuality finally obtaining the legalization of same-sex marriage in several States of the United States and thus establishing bases or pillars for the transition to an homosexual society in the near future, is in religious organizations where the last bastion of struggle, the last redoubt and the last hope to be able to reverse this process is.


Why we believe in this way? Firstly, religious organizations are the only institutions that still have not been taken by the homosexual ideology. We know that this is changing and that they are already leading religious who approve homosexuality as acceptable behavior. Maybe in a few years that will change, however, still most of religious leaders remain firm in rejecting such conduct as unacceptable. Therefore, we can say that religious groups have a same opposition against homosexual behavior.


Secondly, religious organizations share with groups who oppose the advance of homosexuality the same objective. That is, they have as part of their religious mission guiding the population regarded as sinful conduct. The message that homosexual behavior is a sin is present in the sacred writings.


Third, religious organizations have the proselytizing power to mobilize the opposition of millions of parishioners against the advance of homosexuality to be repealed presidential decrees, federal laws and State regulations in favor of homosexual behavior. In other words perhaps in the future, within 5 to 10 years religious organizations no longer have that power for reversing the spread of homosexual behavior. However, at this time the religious organizations still have the power to determine the outcome of the elections in the United States and, therefore, the power to make that win the party that undertakes to revert the decrees of the President, the laws in the Congress, the Supreme Court case law, and regulations in the Army the Navy and the Air Force granted acceptance of homosexual behavior.


Do not take advantage of the current situation, has the consequence that, within several years, groups who advocate for the advancement of homosexuality will become the greater part of the members of the society and then, not even religious organizations, will have the power to reverse this process of transition from a heterosexual society to a homosexual society.


Fourthly, religious organizations have the Fund-raising capacity needed to counteract the multimillion-dollar propaganda that is maintained throughout the year in favor of homosexuality in the mass media. Religious organizations can also counter the propaganda in favor of homosexuality through preaching through the pulpit of thousands and thousands of churches to the length and width of the country. Groups in favor of the homosexual advance collect millions of dollars that are spent on lobbying within political parties and mass media in favor of the advancement of homosexuality. Only religious organizations have the power to raise sufficient funds to counteract this propaganda.


Finally, religious organizations have the capacity to influence the vote of citizens and thereby decide the support of that political party which is committed to its ideals. Due to that have the ability in power to decide the political party that has won the elections, they also have the ability to remove members of the Supreme Court of the United States and replace them with judges who are allied with their way of thinking in terms of the kind of society wishing to establish and the type of society where they want to live.


Taking into consideration the above is necessary to achieve an alliance between all the churches concerning this topic. It is also necessary to achieve a partnership between non-religious groups who oppose the advance of homosexuality and the churches.


From these alliances must arise a board of all religious organizations and not religious in the United States to lead the fight against the advance of the homosexuality. This board should be composed of the leaders of all religious and non-religious organizations that oppose the advance of homosexuality. This Board must check out guidelines on what political parties and which presidential candidates must support the vote of the parishioners of each Church. Also of this Board should leave the decision to form a new political party that has the combat of the advancement of the homosexuality as part of its platform.


We urge the leaders of religious and non-religious organizations to take the initiative of convening each other, for the purpose of organizing and appoint a Board of Directors that directs the coordination of groups who oppose the advance of homosexuality.


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