We have discussed in the menu: " Homosexual Theory: Sociology of the Homosexual Revolution in US" that groups in favor of the homosexual advance has managed to change the public opinion of the population of the United States by means of promoting the idea or pseudoscientific belief that homosexuality is a sexual preference. With this ideology they have managed that the population of the United States believes that homosexuality is genetically determined behavior and therefore that homosexuality cannot be learn. With such ideology, they have managed to change, first, the opinion of the judicial branch, then the growing sector opinion of legislative branch and, finally, the opinion of the Executive Branch, starting with the President of the United States recently expressed his opinion in favor of the claims of homosexuals.


You can see that the public opinion of the people of the United States on the acceptance of homosexual behavior as something that is good, has being changed in accelerated way by the opinion of the leaders in the judicial branch, the legislative branch and the Executive branch. As we saw in the above section "Sociology of the Homosexual Revolution in the US", all the ideological Assembly to gradually modify the opinion of the American people in favor of the acceptance of homosexual behavior has revolved around the massive diffusion in all media in the nation of an idea. The idea that homosexual behavior is innate and that can not be learned. Therefore, under the idea that homosexual behavior is innate, it is inferred or presumed that society can not evolve towards homosexuality. When homosexual groups spread the idea that homosexuality is a sexual preference which is determined by genetic factors, it is automatically concluded that it is a minority group such as ethnic groups. From here follows that homosexual conduct is not generalizable, nor can either occur a transition from a heterosexual to a homosexual society. Examples of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, as societies with widespread homosexual behavior, are considered to be unreal or fantasy myths. Again, all of this change in the public perception of the American people regarding the acceptance of homosexual conduct is mounted on a massive campaign in all media of information that denies that homosexual conduct can be learned and generalize.


Campaign for Education


Taking into account the foregoing, the second objective or goal that should establish groups opposed to homosexual advance is to develop a counter campaign in all media (press, radio and television) to inform that this idea or homosexual ideology is false and that homosexual conduct can be learned and can be generalize.



Persons who request information on the theoretical foundations to support the assertion that homosexual behavior can be learned, can be referred to the Internet address of the "HomosexualCountries.com" where they can get the theoretical underpinnings that support this conclusion. In that address they can have the answer and the explains about what are social values, the way that values are installed in the psyche of the people and how the values determine the conduct of individuals and peoples.


In regards to the contra campaign in the media we can start by putting simple ads in the written press and on the radio. The reason to start there is that ads in those media are cheaper and they can be financed with very little money. Ads may be variants of the following examples:


1. Homosexuality is learned


2. Homosexuality can be learned as all the behaviors of the life


3. Did you know that homosexual behavior can be learned?


4. Did you know that homosexuality can be learned?


5 Homosexuality is not a sexual preference, on the other hand, is a behavior that can be learned


An advertisement in the press of any town or city in the section of classified ads containing any variant of the five examples of ads formerly offered can cost between $30 to $40. Therefore, any person at the individual level can put it in his or her town or city. It is a matter of urging people to do it.


The ads on the radio, because are more expensive, may not be financed at the individual level. For this reason it is necessary that several people in a town or city meet and reach an agreement to raise funds aimed for putting these ads on the radio in the region.


In the case of the ads on television, because the are highly expensive, requires the organization between religious and lay leaders to raise the fund needed.


Finally, a very effective and economical way to inform people that homosexuality is a behavior that can be learned and that society may evolve into generalized, homosexual conduct is through preaching by religious leaders. There are thousands of religious leaders to the length of the country which can inform about the learned nature of homosexual conduct in his sermons to millions of people. The information on learned aspects of homosexual behavior that religious leaders can be transmitted is important so that the population can forge a correct view on the long-term implications of legalization and acceptance of same-sex marriages.


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