Some values have recent origins and other very ancient origins. For example, values that homosexuality and incest are bad behaviors are very old while the value that pedophilia is bad behavior is relatively recent. Around 100 years ago it was common for a 40 year old man have relations and to marry a girl of 12 to 16 years. Now that is a crime.


Social values are established to protect the group or society from the evils that provoke behaviors that are socially harmful. At some point society warned that homosexual, incestuous behavior or pedophile brought accompanied the evolution of social ills, diseases or criminal conduct and decided to ban them through the establishment of the corresponding values.


For example, fornication and homosexual conduct brought the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the collective or society.


In primitive societies these social calamities were attributed to the wrath of God. God's wrath was provoked, presumably, by the conduct of the people in relation to the violation of the valued or divine commandments. The 10 commandments of the Christian religion are an example.


In those primitive times from the dawn of civilizations, science did not exist. The concept of knowledge as a result of controlled and objective observation was not known since the scientific methodology had not been invented. Consequently, the knowledge product of the experience was attributed to a mystical, divine or religious origin. If occur an epidemic of venereal disease, it was attribute to a divine origin as a result of God's wrath for having violated his commandments of not fornicate.


The commandments of God were not anything other than the social values which instill in the population and whose true origin was the result of the experience of peoples view through his characters and leaders more observant and intelligent (prophets, heads of tribes, monarchs, etc.). In the absence of the existence of science to this knowledge was given a mystical source.


It is this age-old experience of peoples which emerge the morals of society that it is wrong or contrary to the commandments of God homosexual behavior, incestuous behavior, or fornication.


Today the courts do not accept this type of religious arguments to justify the existence and implementation of a moral value. This is because as individuals in the 21st century we have the conviction that God's wrath is not which causes social ills or epidemics. As individuals of the 21st century we oppose the scientific explanation of our era the religious explanation of antiquity. Modern science tells us that these social evils have a viral or bacterial origin. Accordingly, the religious explanations to justify the values have no place in the courts.


Despite the validity that may be in the above reasoning, that does not mean that these social ills are not caused by the violation of the moral values which prohibited conduct that advocating these evils. It's just that for the courts we must not carry religious explanations to justify the existence of the value against homosexual behavior. We must seek and take to court scientific explanations to justify the existence of the value against homosexual behavior.


In other words, the social ills that are generated when values were violated are still present today although we has the conviction that are not caused by the wrath of God. The moral values which originated thousands of years ago and are the product of that ancient peoples experience accumulated in the culture are still effective today as they did thousands of years ago.



We see, therefore, that homosexuality can be learned and what avoiding in the society the pedophile, incestuous as well as the homosexual conduct is the installation of values in human beings.


If you study history you can note that in societies where these values do not instill with great force incestuous behavior is frequent. So we see that there have been societies in which marriages between brothers is allowed as well as between uncles and nephews. Similarly there was societies in history where homosexuality has been disseminated widely to be majority as it is the case of ancient Greece. Why then are there values against homosexuality?



The Natural Right of the Society to Regulate the Individual Behavior


Every society arrogates the right to regulate the conduct of individuals. That regulation is what allows not only co-existence in a collective way, but individual behavior resulting in the well-being of the collective. Part of the conduct that society naturally arrogates the right to regulate is sexual behavior. At some time in history society discovers that certain sexual behaviors harm the well-being of the collective, while others benefit. As a result the society valued negatively the first and positive the second. Thus it was determined that pedophilia is bad, incest is bad, homosexuality is bad, sexual relations which do not employ the procreation missionary position are bad, etc.


Some of the reasons by which society adopts these values of conduct followed to the present and others have disappeared. For example, the value of incest or sexual relations between close relatives as something bad arises as a result of which such conduct produced, not only family disputes that stop at murder, as a result of jealousy, but, still more important, such conduct produced biological weakening of the group to resist diseases, apart from that it generates hemophilia. That's why was encouraged that men leave to find his wife outside their family group, as well as encouraging the rape of women from other tribes. The rape of the Sabine women in the history of Rome is an example of this.


The value that homosexuality is bad originates in the need to stimulate the growth of the population and to reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.


Note that the anus, unlike the vagina, does not secrete natural lubricants that prevent lacerations and blood being spilled. In addition, the proliferation of bacteria and microbes is extraordinarily higher than in the vagina for obvious reasons, in consequence, lacerations produce infections more easily.


Some of the factors that led to the society to regulate sexual behavior through the creation of the moral values which exist today already disappeared. For example, the invention of the contraceptive pill, among other methods, prevents pregnancy in women. Consequently, the value of virginity is obsolete. Why, therefore, continues to exist in the present value of virginity in many sectors of modern societies? The reason is simple. Values, once established by society, do not evolve at the pace that makes technical advances. They tend to be transmitted from parents to children automatically and thus can maintain almost without altering, for centuries. The only thing that alters them is the creation of new valuations fostered by some new ideology.


With regard to homosexuality has happened the same. The invention of penicillin, antibiotics, prophylactics, disinfectants and lubricants that reduce lacerations and resulting infections of anal penetration, make that the practice of homosexuality may be more secure, although it does not prevent the spread of venereal diseases. This factor was perhaps responsible for boosting the emergence of homosexual ideology that threatens to cause the transitions of societies from heterosexual to homosexual societies.


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