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on November 27, 2014





Barak Obama

President of the United States

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Washington, DC 20500, United States

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Dear Mr. President:


My name is Walter H. Bruckman and I am a Professor of Economics at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey campus.  Sixteen months ago I wrote a letter where I indicated you that there was a danger that hung over the United States.  The danger was that the heterosexual nature of American society was being changed.  In this letter I reiterate once again that the danger is still present without having the Government any awareness of the existence of it.  That is, the United States are immersed in a process of transition from a heterosexual to a homosexual society and Government authorities are not aware of this.  Scientific explanation about the way in which occurs this process of transition is found in the book "Theory of Homosexuality by Cultural Learning" that book can be downloaded for free in the Internet at the address "HomosexualCountries.com"


The Theory of Homosexuality by Cultural Learning, because is a theory that is ahead of its time, is not well understood.


This theory states that both, homosexual conduct as well as the heterosexual conduct, they are culturally learned.  Consequently, the acceptance by government authorities of homosexual conduct as a good, proper and acceptable behavior, as well as the legalization of same-sex marriage, have the effect of initiating a change in the values of American society.  These changes in values will have to generate at the same time changes in sexual behavior of future generations in about 100 years.  The same reasoning applies in the case of all other nations that imitate the example of the United States.  That is, it's a process of cultural transition of heterosexual societies to homosexual societies.


The transition of the United States towards a homosexual society, as a result of change of the values about socially acceptable sexual behavior, will take four to five generations, that is, between 80 to 100 years.  The theory predicts that by the year 2112 more than 30% of the population of the United States will be homosexual. However, despite the importance of this evolutionary process, American society has no awareness of its existence and will not have it for many years until the evolutionary process is already irreversible.



Factors that Contribute to the Alienation of the People of the United States


The capacity of the society to react to this danger facing the North American nation has been eroded by a campaign of propaganda and promotion so that homosexual behavior is accepted as good and correct.  This campaign is based on an idea about which there is no scientific verification.  The idea that homosexual behavior is biological and which cannot be taught or learn through the values of the culture.  Therefore, since there is no scientific evidence is an ideology.  This idea turned into ideology (given that there is no scientific evidence) has managed to convince to the Supreme Court of the United States to establish case law that criminalizes in the people the holdings of values against homosexual conduct.  A homosexual ideology that has achieved that the legislatures of the United States, not just pass laws legalizing same-sex marriage, but to pass laws and regulations that systematically persecute and punish anyone who expresses itself publicly against homosexual conduct.  Artists, athletes and public figures who have been expressed against homosexual behavior, they have been forced to quit their jobs or have been forced to ask for forgiveness and to apologize or be forced them both.  The media, news, radio and television commentators do not dare to express views against homosexual behavior for fear of reprisals.


I am aware that you do not believe that the evolution of society towards homosexuality is possible, because, like many citizens of the United States, you have been convinced by the homosexual ideology that sexual behavior is biologically determined at birth, and therefore you can not learn or teach to future generations.  What would happen to the Nation of the United States if you would be wrong and become to be true that the homosexual conduct, as well as the heterosexual conduct, could be conduct culturally learned?  Have you thought about the serious consequences that would have for the United States that the "Theory of Homosexuality by Cultural Learning" would be correct?  If it proves to be true that homosexual behavior can be culturally learned, then the decision to support same-sex marriage would bring extremely important consequences for the people of the United States.  Consequences that deserve that decisions like this are previously studied scientifically before being taken.  Decisions of such importance deserve the sociological, historical, political, biological and scientific studies in general that show that homosexuality and heterosexuality are not culturally learned but biological behavior.


Regarding sociological and historical studies that should be made, you should investigate the origin of the value which states that homosexual behavior is wrong.  That is, investigate why this value is present in all countries of the world.  What is what generates the motive for this value arises in all societies?  That is. where this value comes from and why?



Sociological and Historical Studies: Why Do the Nations of the World They finished Rejecting the Homosexual Conduct?


What it led to the Nations of the world to condemn homosexual behavior as an unacceptable practice in society?  The reason why this evolution occurred is something that has been lost in the history of humanity and it need to be investigate.  However, we can infer that it was the result of associate the homosexual conduct with some kind of social problem.  It is possible that homosexuality was associated with epidemic diseases in the population that are sexually transmitted.  In times in which there was no science, the recurrent diseases or epidemic calamities were associated with the punishment of God.  Consequently, if the appearance of the calamity was associated with certain practices of conduct, logical thing was saying that God condemned such conduct as sin.  In that way it is attending two problems: 1. Establishing the origin of the calamity (disease) that in an era in which there was no science was attributed to the punishment of God and 2. Educating people to not commit that sin (not practice such conduct) as they would be acting against the commandments of God.


The reasons of epidemic or biological origin by which the nations of the world rejected homosexual conduct, under the idea that were behaviors prohibited by God, may be still present. In consequence, the transition or evolution of the Western culture from heterosexual societies to homosexual societies can bring calamities, as it should have happened in the past.  Therefore, before approving, as it has been done, laws that lead to a process of transition from heterosexual societies to homosexual societies, the Government should order the historical, sociological, anthropological, political and medical studies that were necessary to develop to study the possible effects or consequences on the well-being of the society of that determination.


Regarding to political studies that should be made, you should investigate what would be the long term impact on the national political sphere and the international political sphere of the approval of same-sex marriage.  We can glimpse a few political consequences to short-term (approximately one to two decades) and other long-term (approximately within 100 to 200 years).



Sociological and Historical Studies: Possible Political Consequences to Short Term of the Approval of Homosexual Marriage in the United States


One of the consequences of the acceptance of homosexual conduct as good and socially correct is that within a few years the President of the United States could be a homosexual and the first lady another homosexual.  At this time the Ambassador of the United States in the Dominican Republic is homosexual and lives in the Embassy of the United States in the Dominican Republic with her husband who is another homosexual with whom is officially married.  In this way the United States impose on the Dominican Republic, where same-sex marriage has no acceptance, the values of their culture.  It will be a matter of time for that the President of the United States will be homosexual in most of the time in that elections are held, insofar, that the homosexual population in the United States increase and become in the majority.  As sexual behavior are culturally learned and non-biological, the number of homosexuals in the United States will grow until they form the majority of the electorate.  This would imply that in the elections of the country people would be choosing a gay President.  Moreover, it would not be necessary to wait that the majority of the population was gay so a homosexual President is elect.  Simply is enough to change the values of the people so that the phenomenon occurs and you are an example of that.  Most of the people to the United States are no black, however elected a black President because the majority of the population change their racist values by anti-racist values.  This did not happen from one day to another. It took more than fifty years of struggle in the population of the United States change its racist values by anti-racist values. In less than half a century the United States have generated a transition from a country where majority practiced the behavior of racial discrimination in a country where the majority is not practiced  the behavior of racial discrimination.


The education campaign of the people of the United States, for abandon their, anti-homosexuals values (heterosexual values) and change them for pro homosexual values have more than 30 years.  When they started this propaganda in favor of the acceptance of homosexual behavior, only a small minority of people in the population of the United States approved same-sex marriage.  That proportion has changed after more of than 30 years of propaganda in favor of the acceptance of homosexual conduct.  Today after more than 30 years of propaganda, more than 50% of the population of the United States approves same-sex marriage.  Note that this may occur while most of the population of the United States still are not homosexual, because they hardly constitute the first generation.  It is expected that when they have passed five generations, that is approximately a hundred years, more than 30% of the population in the United States will practice homosexual conduct.  It would be a matter of waiting five generations more, that is, 200 years, in order that more than 50% of the population of the United States be homosexual. 


The process could speed up even more so to the extent that the homosexual ideology go permeating the religious institutions that constituted the institutional bastion more conservative of the society, where the homosexual ideology still has not been able to penetrate so far.  There is already talk about the new posture of Pope Francisco and the Catholic Church on the issue of acceptance of homosexual conduct.  Insofar as the new positions of the Pope and the Catholic Church begin to accept homosexual behavior as correct (not SIN) to that extent homosexual ideology will have penetrated into most important of all the institutions of the State from the more liberals to the more conservatives (The Executive Branch, The Legislature Branch, The Supreme Court, and the Religious Institutions).



Sociological and Historical Studies: Possible Political Consequences to Long Term of the Approval of Homosexual Marriage in the United States


Two hundred years it may seem like a long time in the life of human beings, but in the life of peoples and Nations is nothing.  When that time has come, it is possible that we have serious health problems for sexually transmitted diseases and serious geopolitical problems because the nations of the world would be divided into homosexual countries probably led by the United States and heterosexual countries, probably led by Russia or China or Japan.  It will be the decline of the Western civilization and the rebirth of the Oriental civilization.


Have the Democrat leadership ever thought in the consequences of this decision will have in the long term about the alignment of political forces in the countries?  The political leadership of the United States and in particular the political leadership of the Democratic Party, do not have the slightest idea of the political consequences that will have for the nation the evolution towards homosexuality.  If the United States do not manage to drag down to that road the countries of the Eastern culture and especially Russia, China and Japan, it will happen within about a century the world will be split between homosexual and heterosexual countries.  Countries belonging to the Western culture will be faced with countries belonging to the Oriental culture in terms of homosexual countries vs. heterosexual countries.


The political alignment of countries will no longer be for economic reasons between countries of the third world and developed countries or between communist and capitalist countries, or between countries behind the iron curtain and NATO countries.  It will not be an alignment for religious reasons between Christian and non-Christian countries.  It will be an alignment by causes of sexual conduct between homosexual and heterosexual countries.  If a confrontation and a subsequent third world war happen will be among homosexual countries vs. heterosexual countries.  Under such circumstances, the United States would have the sad and painful role of being the leader of the homosexual countries and Russia or China or Japan the role of being the leader of the heterosexual countries.  It will be a struggle between Western culture and the oriental culture in alignment of forces based on the sexual behavior of nations.


The incorrect interpretation of the concept of freedom and what should be civil rights will lead to the gradual deterioration of the West.  The defense of freedom without limits, that is, freedom without study or measure the consequences of these freedoms and rights in its evolution in the long term, will bring gradual degeneration of the countries that evolve towards homosexuality.  One can visualize, that as an expression of this freedom of choice, after same-sex marriage, will come the marriage of multiple partners, whether they are all of the same sex or combined.  It will be the decline of the Western culture and the resurgence of the oriental culture as hegemonic.  Gay countries will enter into a process of degeneration of values that will take them to languish as advanced cultures.  The President of the United States will be a homosexual and first lady another man.  With this pathetic scene of leadership the United States would face international military conflicts and the struggle for hegemony.  It will be a truly sad and dantesque scenario for the United States.


Don't you think that the consequences of the policy of support and acceptance of the homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage brings serious consequences to the population of the United States and around the world that still do not have glimpsed?  How is it possible that a matter of such serious consequences for the fate of the United States and the world has been taken so lightly without studying the long-term consequences of that decision?  That is, how come they have not allocated the funds and human resources for a committee of social scientists study the possible long-term consequences of such an important decision and inform the country and the President about the possible consequences


Therefore, given the potential consequences of these decisions on the future of the nation we understand that the time in which we live requires no electioneering leaders, followers of the masses, but the time require of leading conductors and educators of the masses.  Is for this reason why I take the time to warn you and the rest of the nation of the hidden danger that hangs over the United States from these decision.  I repeat: the United States are in a process of transition from a heterosexual to a homosexual society and Government authorities are not aware of it.



Without further,








Walter H. Bruckman

Department of social sciences

University of Puerto Rico

Cayey campus

Cayey, PR, 00737

Email: whbruckman@yahoo.com


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