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What is the cause of homosexual behavior and what are the consequences of accepting it as a proper conduct?


The acceptance of homosexual behavior as right is based on a false belief of the origin of homosexual behavior. The belief that homosexual conduct is biological or innate and, consequently, that you can not teach or learn it. However peoples sexual behaviour is not biological but culturally learned through the system of social values. As a result, the heterosexual behavior of peoples is culturally learned, as well as homosexual behavior can be if the values of the society  are changed.


This false belief that heterosexual conduct, as well as the homosexual, is innate or biological and which, consequently, may not be teach or learn, has generated an acceptance of homosexual conduct in the world. Acceptance of homosexual conduct as proper has started at the same time as a result the transition of the countries of the world from heterosexual societies to homosexual societies.


This transition of the countries of the world from heterosexual societies to homosexual societies takes place slowly and therefore cannot be seen. It takes about 5 generations, that is, about 100 years to make visible the transition.


The reality is that heterosexual behavior is a learned behavior and is the result of valuate homosexual conduct as incorrect.


Humans are the only animal in which sexual behavior is determined by culture, not biology or instinct. Heterosexual behaviour is culturally learned. Humans are the only animal in nature that has values and governing their behaviour based on values and not on the basis of their biology or instincts.


The animals have no culture or values. Therefore, that is why his sexual behavior is biological. Dogs or pigs or horses are animals in which the conduct in general and sexual behavior in particular is determined by biology or instinct. That is why the dog like the pig and the horse have sex with his mother, sisters and daughters, because the animals do not have values.


Human beings feel revulsion at the thought of having sex with her mother or her sisters or daughters or people of the same gender because the culture teaches them the value that these behaviors are incorrect. This repulsion is not biological or instinctive but the result of cultural values that are inculcated to the people since a child and that will have them activate adverse emotions for their violation.


In fact there are people who for some reason of the life do not installed those values or lose them once installed. Therefore, those people who no longer have those values do not feel adverse emotions when they have sex with their mother or their daughters and that is why their conduct is strictly biological and, consequently, antisocial. The rest of the society which has installed values rejects them by calling it degenerated and pursues them. But this rejection and persecution is not but the result of the possession and installation of cultural values into their psyche that valued the incestuous behavior as wrong. If we remove those values, life in society as we know it disappears and is replaced by another where everything that produces pleasure would be permitted and consequently generalize as conduct.


There is no biological cause by which persons may not derive sexual gratification from sexual intercourse with the mother, sisters, dotters, children, people of the same gender, orgies or marriages of multiple partners, polygamy, bestiality or sexual conduct with animals, etc. The only thing that prevents sexual gratification of these behaviors are cultural values and not biology or instinct. In fact, in peoples who historically valued the homosexual conduct as appropriate, as in ancient Greece, homosexuality was widespread and sibling marriages were accepted.


Therefore, the removal of the value that the sexual conduct with persons of the same gender is wrong will bring the generalization of that behavior in the whole population. It will not happen in the short term, but it will be a gradual cultural transition over time that will last approximately 100 years or five generations. The same thing would happen if we remove the cultural values that the sexual conduct with children or siblings is incorrect. Under such circumstances, paedophilia will be eventually generalize in the whole population, as well as incest. It would not happen in the short term but that it would take about 100 years for the transition.



The First World Homosexual Revolution by Cultural Learning: Years 2012 to 2112


Men marry with men and women marry with women
















An homosexual revolution cover the countries of the world with a momentum so big and overwhelming as never before seen in the history of mankind.  In the countries of the world men marry with men and women marry with women while the majority of the population celebrates with bells and whistles that event as if it were a step forward in the progress of humanity.



As a result of that revolutionary rage it has unleashed a wave of persecution and repression against all those who dare to express their values against homosexuality around the world.  They are persecuted, penalized in their jobs and expelled. That is, legislative bodies and the institutions of the State have created laws and regulations to criminalize possession of values against homosexual conduct so the person who expressed them is persecuted and repressed immediately. The courts have created jurisprudence forcing people with values against homosexuality to accept homosexual conduct as proper and legitimate in schools and places of education, in the workplace and in institutions of the State in general under penalty of contempt of court.


All this hype and furor is based on the belief without fundament (false or incorrect premise or hypothesis) that homosexuality is a sexual preference wanting to denote that it is a biological or innate behavior that cannot be learned.  Therefore it is presumed that homosexuals are a discriminated minority group as it would be any ethnic minority and their vindication and acceptance is a step forward in the development of humanity that all countries should support.



The Premise or Incorrect Hypothesis of Which the Homosexual Revolution Started


What is the premise or hypothesis on which rests the homosexual revolution occurring in the countries of the world. Let's see.


Homosexual conduct, like heterosexual conduct, is biological, and therefore innate. Thus homosexual behavior may not be teached or learned.


If the homosexual behavior is innate and cannot be learn, it is presumed that there is no consequence with approving it as a correct and good as it would be the heterosexual behavior. No one has stopped to think that this premise on which holds this revolutionary process is false and, therefore, that the acceptance of homosexual conduct as correct and good leads to the transition from heterosexual  countries societies to homosexual countries societies.


As unlikely as it may seem, this hypothesis or assumption has no scientific basis and has not been supported or corroborated by any scientific study.  The pseudo-scientific studies that have been done trying to find differences in brain structure or in the hormone of homosexuals could not be replicated and corroborated.  In other word it has been established on the base on a belief without scientific basis one a process of dismantling and dramatic destruction of a social institution that has been in effect during the last 10,000 years of history.  This destruction is done without even have a scientific study on the impact that such a change would have on society in the long term.



The Premise or Correct Hypothesis of This Theory


The theory of the homosexuality by cultural learning presented in this paper starts from the contrary premise or hypothesis.  Let's see.


Heterosexual conduct, as well as homosexual, as well as non- incestuous conduct is not merely innate, but fundamentally determined by cultural learning of peoples.


Innate factors of sexual behavior as innate factors of all human behavior are shaped, molded, fitted or conditioned by the cultural teaching and learning of values ​​of the society, which are ultimately the determinants of the social behavior or individual conduct over the group. 


As a consequence, even if we departed from the premise, scientifically unsubstantiated, that homosexual behavior is innate, we cannot conclude that sexual behavior of the society is not culturally learned and instilled through the teaching of values​​.


The values of the culture regarding the correct or acceptable sexual behavior and unacceptable or incorrect sexual behavior are inculcated in the individual since the child through the process of socialization with their parents, relatives, teachers, religious leaders, lay leaders, etc.


As a result of the cultural teaching of values is that the child learns that sex with the mother is a bad thing, as well as sex with siblings and close relatives, as well as sex with people of the same gender.  That is, the child is instinctive or biologically equipped to feel sexual gratification of his mother sisters and close relatives, as well as people of the same gender. These behaviors are instinctive, given he was biologically born with the ability to feel sexual pleasure from them. But these instincts or biological trends do not determine the behavior in humans. It is through the teaching of the values of the culture who condemn these as evil and abominable behaviour that the child learns to not want or feel pleasure or sexual gratification from his mother, sisters, relatives and people of the same gender.


The Oedipus complex as well as the Electra complex identified by Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung as instinctive factors present in the behaviour of males and females respectively, does not determine the behaviour of humans but culture as well pointed out the own Freud . In his work "Civilization and Its Discontents" Freud designates that the repression that makes the culture on the individual of these primitive sexual instincts is made with the purpose of creating life in society. According to Freud while most civilized is a society, more repression of primitive sexual instincts carried out through the teaching of cultural values. Before Freud, the Russian novelist Fiódor Dostoyevski predicted in his great work "The brothers Karamasof" the existence of the Oedipus complex and the internal struggle of humans against their more obscure instincts such as wish the death of the father.


The rejection of the incestuous behavior is the result of culture values that guide the conduct of persons living in society. These values are opposed to the satisfaction of the most primitive instincts in humans.  People are not born with an aversion or biological natural or instinctive inclination to not have sex with his mother, sisters and close relatives, as well as with people of the same gender. On the contrary, the most primitive instincts are derive sexual pleasure of incest, homosexuality and all kinds of sexual activity that stimulates the eroticism, such as for example, the use of artifacts and animals. However, people are culturally taught the values that it is something bad, wrong, abominable to have sex with his mother, his sisters, and close relatives, as well as people of the same gender and animals (bestiality).  It is for this reason that not incestuous behavior, as well as heterosexual behavior, as well as homosexual behavior are culturally learned behavior.


Homosexual rights groups have convinced society that sexual behavior is something innate that you cannot teach or learn, but that is not true.


For example, if it is taught to the children since the early years in schools, on television and in mass media that homosexual conduct is not bad, as it is doing now, the natural thing is that those children when they emerge to the sexual life engage in homosexual conduct. If you allow an homosexual teacher stand in front of his students and proudly proclaim their homosexual condition, the natural thing is that students should feel inclined to imitate and emulate his teacher. Who do so or not will depend on the influence and the values of their parents, other teachers, religious leaders, etc. above the influence of his homosexual teacher. As generations past and these differences of opinions or values were aligning in favor of homosexual conduct as appropriate, the child will receive a single information. For the 5th generation, we can expect that all the significant figures in society were teaching the child the same values with respect to homosexual conduct as correct and that, therefore, the conduct of the child be homosexual.


The same reasoning above applies if homosexual teacher, in addition to talking of his pride as a gay man, decides to kiss another man in front of his students, or dressing up as a woman to give his lessons.  Expect that students don't follow or try to emulate his teacher as leader of the Group and example to follow is unreasonable.  On the other hand the laws, regulations and case law that will establish obliges other persons with values against homosexual conduct to have to accept in schools and educational institutions, in the workplace and in institutions of the State in general the people that exhibit these behaviors.  If express themselves against them they will be pursued, forced to apologize and are asked to resign or are fired from the work. There are already in our system of teaching, homosexual man teachers who dress like women to give their classes and no one dares to protest or say anything for fear of repression.


The societies that establish laws and regulations that criminalize and penalize in the population the possession of the social values of their culture where it is affirm that homosexual behavior is wrong and therefore bad, they are societies that promotes a cultural change of great importance or scale with unpredictable consequences on the health and well-being of peoples. Societies that promote changing their values with regard to homosexual behavior as wrong or bad conduct and replaced them with values that are correct or good conduct, also changes its culture and thereby promotes homosexual conduct.


With the criminalization and penalization of the holdings of values against homosexual conduct, that is currently occurring in the different nations of the world, began the transition of the heterosexual societies to homosexual societies as a new historical phenomenon on the planet. It is unprecedented in history because this time would appear to be global, encompassing all the nations.


Are the values on homosexual conduct product of the arbitrariness of the people or the result of their millennial experience to prevent greater evils that threaten the health and well-being of the peoples?  Are they are ignorant the legislators, judges and magistrates that criminalize possession of values in the population against homosexual behavior without knowing the consequences that will have on the long term within 4 or 5 generations those changes in values? It remains to be seen the consequences in the long term in this process on health, epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and pandemics, reproduction, the size of the populations, growth and the welfare of peoples, etc..


We repeat a society that promotes the change of their values with regard to homosexual behavior as wrong or bad conduct, also changes its culture and thereby promotes homosexual conduct.


Humans are the only animal in nature that has values and modeling their behavior according to values that are inculcated to them.



The Error of the Religious and Lay Groups that are Opposed to the Homosexual Advance


The false belief that heterosexual behavior, as well as the homosexual is a purely biological or instinctive phenomenon and not culturally learned has been generating for more than 20 years a revolution regarding the change of the values in heterosexual societies of the world.  These changes in cultural values of peoples and, consequently, in the same culture, are generating a change in the sexual behavior of peoples from heterosexual societies to homosexual societies.


During the past 20 years the big mistake incurred by religious and secular groups who oppose the homosexual advance has been accepting and taken for granted the premise of homosexual groups in the sense that homosexual conduct is something innate, biologically determined and that cannot be learned culturally. As a result, they have devoted during the past 20 years to fight them using moralists arguments. As the courts and the population in general do not accept as valid moralists arguments, the marches and protests by these groups during the past 20 years do not obtained any result. It is high time that these groups begin to use scientific arguments to oppose the advance of homosexual conduct and this theory could serve as a basis to achieve their goals.


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